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Bassett, Nebraska

NCC Catman 512ET- April 5, 2015  Reg # 43635494

Catman brings a unique blend of horned and polled genetics, (sire Catapult and out of a Lansing daughter). He has a tremendous hip with tons of muscle that carries very well into his stifle. Wide top, smooth shouldered with lots of rib shape, super clean fronted and flawless in his structure.

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Registered Polled and Horned Hereford cattle. Semen, Embryo's and Flushes from our top Donor herd.  We are located in the heart of the Sandhills of Nebraska. Often referred to as, "God's Cattle Country."

At the center of Nolles Cattle Co and Outback Adventures our hunting business, lies a fully restored horse barn built in 1912.  Today it houses the show cattle barn and a large recreation/conference area in the hayloft. 

What sets this family and ranching operation apart from others? It is the passion that exists for all that we do in business.  Whether it be a group of hunters that stay here or a potential bull or female customer. "We stake our names and reputation on what we sell."

Welcome to North Central Nebraska

See you all at the National Western Folks.

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Home of Exceptional Hereford Cattle..and 

Trudy the President of Hereford Women of Nebraska.  She is also on the National Hereford Women board.  Katie Nolles, the 2015  National Hereford Queen.

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