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KLD 3060 Daisy D76 ET  AHA 42831110

Daisy is a matriarch of our herd and Dam and Grand Dam to some of our best ET heifers we have produced. 

ABS Sire  CJH Harlan 408

Long standing impact sire that has been used heavily in both the seed stock and commercial industries.  Strong multi-trait functionality - few bulls of any breed are this complete and unique, ranking in the top 25% or better for 13 traits
Customer favorite based on the sale  of his progeny. 

Our Donors and Cow herd are from proven producers.

NCC Miss Ruby 010 ET- AHA P43121222

April 11, 2010 
A KLD 3060 Daisy D76 ET daughter by Bail Out.  These three ET heifers (below) are  Daughters of Ruby 010 ET and their grand dam (above) KLD 3060 Daisy D76 ET

The Harland line.......

F Ms Harland 814   AHA 42879936 Sire: CJH HARLAND 408 AHA 42536808 ( BELOW left  ) DAM: F MISS L18 EXCELL 608.

KN Glitzy -AHA 43422368 Overall Champion cow/ calf pair at the Nebraska Junior Hereford show. Cow is sired by KN Mr. Turbo 90 (See on Sire page)  Dam is an L18/Harland daughter. Calf is sired by TNT.

The Daisy line.....

Donors & Cow Herd 


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